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In the midst of the clamour of the pandemic and the gradual emergence of a new 'normal' in life, replete with its painstaking precautions and explicit safeguards, we, the team at Collab Technologies, understand the vitality of embracing digitalization to remain relevant in the future.

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Mobile App Development

We have a expertise in app development for iOS, Android, integration of various services post-launch support.We not only help you with app construction but also facilitate upgrade services so that you stay ahead of the crowd.We help you optimize user experience, lifts revenue dramatically and deliver results.

Web Development

We offer web design, development, security assurance, service integration, maintenance and other services to ensure a strong online presence for businesses, boost sales, improve visibility and grow customer base.We craft websites with the apt concoction of creativity and functionality that provide your customers opportunities to engage with you.

ERP Solutions & Digital Marketing

We develop ERP like School Management,Hospital Management,different types of inventory.We have expertise in SEO,digital marketing.We have worked with growing firms as well as Mega corporations to streamline their workflows, enhance mobility, increase collaboration and capitalize on seamless coordination.

Development Stages


Main Points to focus.

  • Audience definition
  • Competitor analysis
  • User flow
  • Protoype
Clients Satisfaction Rate: 90%

Main points to focus.

  • Typography
  • Color
  • Photo collection
  • Animation effects
Clients Return Rate: 70%

Main points to focus.

  • Choosing right technology.
  • Focus on functionality
  • Choosing best effective server
  • Adding customizing feature
  • Making simple and avoiding loads of features.
Solution Rate: 85%

Our Client Testimonial

We are committed to expanding the business capabilities of our client while at the same time becoming a trusted partner for their future growth.